Trip to Paklenica

Thanks to an agreement between our schools, we visited Zadar last week. Zadar is a really amazing Croatian town, next to the sea.
I think the best day of the week was Wednesday. On this day we visited the beautiful Paklenica National Park and the Velebit. We arrived at the bottom of the mountain at about 9 o'clock. We were looking the top of the mountain and it looked like very high. Some people were rock-climbing while we were trying to reach the top. In fact, we didn't want the reach the top, because it was at about 1700 meters. Our destination was a camp at about 500 meters over the sea. As we were climbing we admired the incredible wildlife and landscape of Paklenica. We reached our goal at about 11 o'clock, after two hours of climbing. I was very surprised, when I realized that our “base” was in fact something very similar to pub, and it was full of people.

We prepared everything for the lunch, which was some kind of special Croatian meat, called 'csevap'. That was the first time, when I tasted it, but I really liked it. We also taste a tradition Croatian spice which name was 'ajvár'. It was also good, from this time I love Croatian cuisine.

After the meal, we had some hour to talk each other, talk to our host students. I think they were very talented hosts. It was good, I think, to have some break after the meal, because we got the know the others better.

Before this day, we didn't really speak because we were embarrassed. This day was the turning point, from this day, we called them our friends. That fact, and the magic of Paklenica was why this day impressed me.

At 3 p.m. we went a few meters up, to got a better view. After this, we started to descend. We were really tired, but impressed. At Starigrad we had a great dinner, we spoke a lot to each other. Finally, when the night fell, we were on our bus, on the way to our accommodation in Zadar. That was the best day, for sure.


Kiss Mátyás, 10/b