One week in Zadar

Last week I had a fantastic time in Zadar. I could meet my Croatian friends again, and we could make our relationship stronger.   We did not talk as much as here in Hungary, but in the final days we talked more than in the beginning.  I also met some new people in the Sjemeniste, where we stayed.  They are really kind and polite boys, we keep the contact with them too.

I think the best programs were the tour to in the Velebit, swimming in the sea, walking in the city and making dolls in the school for the performance in the hospital. The Velebit was wonderful. We went up about 500 meters and the view was beautiful. We saw some animals too, a big frog on the pathway and many lizards. They told us there will be snakes and we saw one too, but it did not hurt us. We had a really good time there, the nature was amazing and the atmosphere was very good.

We went to swim to the sea three days. First we went to Nin, then we stayed in Zadar in Kolovare Beach and then we went to Preko, an island.  It was a little cold each day, but we enjoyed it very much. One thing was very strange. The Croatians did not swim, and they were wearing long trousers. Maybe it was too cold for them at that time, but for us it was really hot. 

We went sightseeing almost every day.  The city is beautiful. I really like old buildings and churches. The Sjemeniste where we stayed was in the old town center, so we were very close to everything. The sea and the coast is beautiful there, I liked the big ships there very much. We had free time every night and when we did not go out in the city we stayed in the accommodation and played basketball with the boys, who live there.  I think that was very good. We got to know each other better by playing together. There were some pianos and I could play them and it was also very good, because when the boys heard that they came in and they also played the piano. It was a very good experience.

All in all I had an amazing time in Zadar and if it is possible and as soon as it is possible I want to go there again.


 Kovács Júlia Veronika 10b